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Managing Error Pages in cPanel Print

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Here, you can assign a specific error to a faulty page incase of that page from your site goes down. This will allow the viewer to see specifically what the issue is. To start Managing Error Pages, follow the steps below

If you have not yet set up cPanel, Click Here to log in


Step 1: In your Tools menu, go down till you see Advanced. Within those options, click on "Error Pages"

Managing Error Pages in cPanel Step 1


Step 2: Select a domain you wish to manage then below click the message you want to edit. For an example, we choose "401 (Authorization required)"

Managing Error Pages in cPanel Step 2


Step 3: Here, you can select a tag for this particular error, in this example, click the "</> server name". The line of code is implemented. You can also manually code this error page. Click [Save] when completed

Managing Error Pages in cPanel Step 3


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