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Custom WooCommerce Website Design

Create your ideal online store with custom WooCommerce websites from Hotwire Networks.


WooCommerce Website Development

The right WooCommerce site can help your store stand out from the crowd while simultaneously streamlining sales and service.

Building a Better Brand

Customized WooCommerce websites can help get your brand noticed and provide a one-stop-shop for potential buyers. While it’s possible to design your site from scratch or use the built-in templates offered by the WooCommerce platform, custom design and development with Hotwire Networks let you go further. With us, you can create sites that are truly reflective of your brand and give you the room to scale up sales and services as necessary.

Design & Development Process

Easy As 1-2-3

1-2-3. That’s all it takes to turn your WooCommerce website design into a reality with Hotwire Networks.

1. Onboarding

First is onboarding. Here, Hotwire Networks teams connect with your company to get a sense of what you want, what you need and how your WooCommerce website should look and feel when it's finished. By getting a sense of your brand priorities before getting started, we can help deliver best-fit custom sites sooner.

2. Development

Next is development. In this phase we design, build and test your website, offering ample opportunity for feedback from your team. It’s our goal to match your vision as much as possible and ensure your site exceeds expectations.

3. Launch

Finally, it’s time for launch. We’re here to help you every step of the way, from getting your site ready to go live to deploying your site online and making sure everything is working as intended.

Managed WooCommerce Features

By partnering with Hotwire Networks for managed WooCommerce hosting, you get access to key benefits including:

Ease of Use

With Hotwire Networks’ managed WooCommerce hosting, you can leverage all the eCommerce platform’s easy-to-use features from a single, streamlined interface.

Secure Payments

Process secure payments anywhere, anytime by combining native WooCommerce security with Hotwire Networks’ secure servers and data management.

Manage Orders Anywhere

Don’t limit yourself to desktops. Instead, manage your orders anywhere and from any device for complete control over your online store.

Sell Anything Online

No matter what you want to sell or how you want to sell it, WooCommerce has you covered. From detailed product pages to one-click checkouts, you’re ready to make sales.

Enhancements & Integrations

Not sure how to create a WooCommerce shop page in WordPress or integrate your site with new apps or services? Easy access to enhancements and integrations gives you the advantage.

Affordability and Scalability

Hosting plans with no hidden costs and the ability to scale as needed means you get the best of both worlds: price and performance.

Marketing & Analytics Integration

Integrated marketing and analytics tools let you understand buyer preferences and product trends to help create long-term sales strategies.

Multiple Languages

No matter where in the world you want to sell, WooCommerce has you covered with support for multiple languages, natively and via WooCommerce plugins.

View & Compare Plans

Hotwire Networks provides several options for WooCommerce site design. See which one is best for you!

Features WooCommerce Startup WooCommerce Personal WooCommerce Business WooCommerce Corporate
Site Header & Footer
Custom Page Builder
About Page
Service Page
Contact Page
WooCommerce Plugins Setup and Configuration
Blog Setup
Short Blog Posts 1 1 5
Long Blog Posts 1 1 5
Google Maps Integration
Onsite SEO Basic Setup (SEO URLs, Facebook and Twitter) up to 10 pages
1 x Payment Method Setup
Shipping Configuration
Product Category Page
Single Product Page
Compare Products
Up-sell on Checkout
Accounting Integration
CRM Integration
Email/Marketing Platform Integration
Inventory Management (up to 10 SKU numbers)
Call for Pricing


Help Center

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common questions related to WooCommerce site design.

Non-custom websites are typically created using simple templates that are available online for free or as part of platforms such as WooCommerce. Custom sites, meanwhile, are created with your brand in mind to make the best use of WooCommerce features.

By leveraging eCommerce for WordPress in WooCommerce, your brand can take advantage of the popularity of WordPress and the power of WooCommerce to deliver on-demand search and shopping options for customers.

With WooCommerce’s vast use coverage, accessibility, and scalability, it’s a prime choice for businesses of any size – including enterprise businesses.

Jetpack is plugin compatible with WooCommerce and can make a valuable addition to your WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce has several acceptable payment methods, including: Credit and Debit Cards, PayPal, Stripe, and Direct Bank Transfers.

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