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Managing Webmail in cPanel Print

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Webmail is the default service that gives you choices on how you manage your email. To get started, continue below

If you have not yet set up cPanel, Click Here to log in


Step 1: In your Tools menu, go to your Email section, then click "Email Accounts"

Managing Webmail in cPanel Step 1


Step 2: Click [Check Email] to go into the selected account

Managing Webmail in cPanel Step 2


Right away you can open your inbox with the default webmail client. You can change your webmail client with other predefined options below as shown in the outlined area

Managing Webmail in cPanel Step 3


On the right side is where you can set up the email on your device. Options are outlined for you

Managing Webmail in cPanel Step 4


Underneath, you have all the quick options of the Webmail features to make managing your email go smoother

Managing Webmail in cPanel Step 5


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