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Data Backup: Steps to Protect Your Data

Data Backup: Steps to Protect Your Data

Remote Storage

Remote Storage should be a main factor in your data backup plans and practices. It is never a good idea to back up and store your data on the same drive as your original data.  If that drive fails, so does your back up. Off-server or even better, off-site backups remain safe and secure even when your main server fails.  With off-site or off-server data backups, you will be able to completely recover your data.

Backup Frequently and Backup Regularly

Schedule your backups and make them regular and frequent.  First, figure out how often your data is updated then set your backup schedule.  The more often your critical data is updated, the more often you should schedule your backups.  If your critical data is updated frequently, you may need to schedule backups as often as every hour.  Nightly or weekly backups make more sense when your data updates are more static and less frequent.

Retention Span: How Long to Keep Backups

Once you decide how often to run your backups, you need to think about how long you want to keep each backup. Keeping every backup rarely makes sense.  There are space issue to consider.  Find the retention schedule options offered by your backup solution and select the retention series that makes sense for your business.  For example you may choose to keep hourly/daily backups for a week, weekly backups for a month and monthly backups for longer, possibly even years. If your industry has data retention standards and requirements, you will need to follow those guidelines as well.

Encrypt and Protect Backups

Keep your backed up data secure. Encrypt it during storage.

Backup Redundancy

Backups stored on RAID arrays offer additional security through redundancy.  RAID arrays, where data is stored across two or more drives keeps your stored data safe and sound in the event of a drive failure.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Solutions are a must for any business. With Geographic Redundancy, if disaster happens, your data is already duplicated in two different places and your system can shift to a different location.  It is the ideal plan to keep your business up and running in the event of a natural disaster or other accident.

At Hotwire Networks, we focus on keeping your data safe and secure with our state of the art backup and storage solutions.  Make your data triple vault secure with our Storage & Backup Services.

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