Disaster Recovery

Hotwire Networks

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Concerned about natural disasters or other accidents affecting your business network systems? It makes excellent business sense to have a plan of action in the event of system disasters. Hotwire Networks Disaster Recovery Solutions lifts that weight off your shoulders. We focus on Geographic Redundancy, duplicating your information in two different geographic locations. If disaster happens, your systems can shift to another location keeping your systems up and running, keeping your business profitable and keeping your customers happy. And even better, keeping your stress level down!

We stay one step ahead of disaster and provide exceptionally secure data recovery systems and structures. Disaster Recovery Solutions keep your business systems protected in the event of system failures, cyber attacks, and natural disasters of any kind.

Disaster Recovery Benefits

  Geographic Redundancy
  Three Partner Data Centers
  Network & Power Redundancy
  Disaster Neutral Location
  High Availability Setups
  Multiple Backup Plans