Storage & Backup Services

Hotwire Networks

Safe & Secure Data!

Lost data means lost time, lost customers, lost business and lost profitability. Hotwire Networks keeps your data safe & secure with our backup and storage solutions, and our disaster recovery solutions. State of the art storage and backup protection solutions are a critical part of any business plan.

We offer unrivaled hard drive performance for high availability web applications and keep vital data safe in a Hotwire Networks scalable and fault resistant storage cluster. Our backup systems offer off-site disaster recovery for your critical data. Your sensitive information and data will be triple vault secure with Hotwire Networks Storage & Backup Services. Remember, our World Class Support Team is here to help you and answer questions and solve your storage and backup problems 24/7/365!

Storage & Backup Features

  State of the Art Data Storage Hardware
  Backup Protection Solutions
  Off-Site Disaster Recovery
  SAN Storage Clustering
  Unrivaled Hard Drive Operation
  24/7/365 World Class Support