Hybrid Hosting

Hotwire Networks

The Power of Hybrid Hosting

Combine outstanding durability with the easy scaling and full control of Cloud Servers. Launch into the future of hosting. Let us take you above the cloud and beyond. Welcome to the hybrid environment. Hybrid Hosting creates an environment where you have a dedicated server with storage AND a shared cloud server with storage. Businesses can store sensitive information behind your firewall on the dedicated server yet host other, less sensitive applications on the shared server.

Explore the immense benefits of Hybrid Hosting with Hotwire Networks. Hybrid Hosting delivers all the features you are looking for to manage traffic spikes and developing on the go and at the same time, providing a secure and innovative path to the Cloud Hosting market.

Hybrid Hosting Features

  Dedicated Servers
  Flexible Cloud Hosting
  Directly Link to Storage Networks
  Progressive Network Infrastructure
  High Availability Database Integration
  Managed Dedicated Load Balancers