CloudLinux Hosting

Hotwire Networks

CloudLinux Hosting Overview

Our CloudLinux Hosting Solution lets you maintain extensive and wide reaching control over resource usage. CloudLinux Hosting Solutions protects your system from traffic spikes, isolate lightweight, virtualized environments and maintain extensive control over resources. We go above the Cloud and beyond for you! Hotwire Networks CloudLinux Hosting Solution ensures your server will continue to operate even during localized traffic spikes. We offer the CloudLinux OS on our Dedicated Servers with cPanel.

Increased server stability equals fewer support calls and less time problem solving giving you the chance to provide superior service and achieve higher profitability. Hotwire Networks CloudLinux Hosting Solutions increase stability and security on servers.

CloudLinux Features

  Manage Resource Availability
  Secure Server Processes
  Protection from Traffic Spikes
  Isolate Malicious Scripts
  99.99% Guaranteed Uptime
  24/7/365 World Class Support