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WordPress, WordPress, WordPress!  Why is WordPress So Popular?

WordPress, WordPress, WordPress! Why is WordPress So Popular?

WordPress is great for any size website with the largest number of themes and plugins available. The interface is easy to use, even for those with little or no experience. At the same time, more technically advanced users and developers  are able to edit back end code or add code to create more customized looks.  From experience, we know that a large and active developer and user community is a fantastic reference when you need help or troubleshooting. WordPress has both, it is a favorite CMS on today's market with both a large user and a large developer community.  One of the largest of any current CMS platform.   And it is FREE!  Yes, WordPress is a free download.

What else can we tell you about WordPressWordPress grows with you and it is SEO and search engine friendly helping you improve traffic and visibility.  Share your vision with the world, personalize your brand and customize your site, prior web design experience is NOT NEEDED!  WordPress offers tons of templates or you can go crazy and design your own using CSS or HTML. Additionally, WordPress is completely responsive and will look awesome on all devices. WordPress also supports multiple authors and promotes collaboration with customizable user settings and mobile apps let you post on the go!

With access to your Web Host Manager or cPanel, WordPress is very easy to install.  You can also use Softaculous (more about Softaculous), a third-party auto installer application available here at Hotwire Networks. Using your Web Host Manager, cPanel or Softaculous ....the process is similar and you can always call with questions....remember our World Class Level Customer Server is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

WordPress is a great choice because it is easy to use and flexible. WordPress is also multilingual and available in over 70 languages. What are you waiting for?  Come on board with Hotwire Networks and start building the future of your business.

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