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What is Softaculous?

What is Softaculous?

Softaculous is an auto-installer for web applications. Install web applications with the click of a button. There is a large range of applications available for installation using Softaculous including but not limited to, e-commerce solutions, polls, blogs, forums, web portals and content management systems.  Softaculous include a simple to use backup feature so you can backup your installations at any time.

You will find a very full list of packages that can be installed using Softaculous here.

And now for some questions and answers!

Are the applications in Softaculous free?

Not all but many Softaculous applications are open source and available at no cost.

Why should I use Softaculous for application installation? Softaculous makes installing applications and software packages easy.  Is there a better reason? Softaculous handles everything in the installation process including setting up permissions on web-viewable content, and creating databases. Plus it can create backups of the installed software.

Can applications installed with Softaculous be removed?  Absolutely.  Any application installed with Softaculous may also be uninstalled by Softaculous.

Will Hotwire Networks support applications installed through Softaculous?

No...and yes.  Hotwire Networks does not fully manage third party applications but our World Class Level Customer Support Team will provide a best-effort support for troubleshooting installation and usage of third party appilcations.

How do I get Softaculous if I am already a Hotwire Networks customer but don't already have Softaculous?
All shared hosting accounts have Softaculous already installed and ready to go... anyone else with servers would need to open a support ticket.

Softaculous vs Fantastico - Softaculous can take over and manage any software installed by Fantastico.  This lets Softaculous update and backup that software. It is important to understand that Fantastico is not able to take over software controlled by Softaculous so you need to make sure you don't want to use Fantastico any longer before having Softaculous take over any Fantastico intallation.

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