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What is a Traditional Dedicated Server?

What is a Traditional Dedicated Server?

Lets talk about Traditional Dedicated Servers.  If you didn't even know there were different types of servers take a look at the previous post Cloud Dedicated Servers. After that we will compare the pros and cons of the two different types of servers. Today is about Traditional Dedicated Servers

What is a Traditional Dedicated Server?  Using a dedicated server means you have the exclusive use of that computer, related software and connection to the internet including a Web server. Dedicated Servers are often housed at a Web Hosting company such as Hotwire Networks.

Traditional Dedicated Servers might be considered Old School, the way things used to done but this is not true in any way shape or form. Dedicated Servers have plenty of advantages. Many businesses and individuals still choose Traditional Dedicated Servers and Hotwire Networks offers a great Dedicated Server Solutions for Linux or Windows operating systems including our World Class Level Customer Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We offer lots of options to fit your needs including self managed, core manage and fully managed plans.

Back to the topic at hand...across the board, Dedicated Servers offer superior performance, redundancy and faster storage...faster storage is a huge advantage with Dedicated Servers and greater control of security.  Dedicated Servers aren't shared with other businesses so there is greater control over the security of your server.

If you are looking for more control and/or more power a Traditional Dedicated Server is the way to go.  Sign up with Hotwire Networks for all your Dedicated Server needs. We help our clients set up the system you need then we build and maintain that server, saving you the upfront costs of buying your own server.

Stay tuned to for the next post where we compare Cloud Dedicated Servers to Traditional Dedicated Servers.

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