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What Do You Want to Know?

What Do You Want to Know?

At Hotwire Networks, we want to hear from you.  We want to find out what you are most interested in reading or learning about in regards to Computer Hosting options and add-ons.  Is it servers, Responsive or Mobile Web Design & Development?  What about our SEO Solutions & Development? Something else? You tell us and we will add it to our list for upcoming blog posts.  Are you interested in tutorials and if so, what topics?

We've blogged about a bunch of different things, different servers options, Traditional Dedicated Servers, Cloud Dedicated Servers, VPS Servers, differences between the server options, President Obama designating October as Cyber Security Awareness Month, upcoming Events and promotions and we have lots more in the works BUT....what do you want to read about?

Don't limit your ideas to just Hotwire Networks products either....what type of technology news would you like to see? We aren't thinking about the big product launches, as consumers, we are already bombarded with information about new product launches so think outside the box a little. We thought the Cyber Security Awareness Month info was interesting and full of useful information.

Add your comments and ideas here or if you are reading this on Facebook, post your comments and thoughts on Facebook.  Comments are moderated so keep it clean and stay on topic but we really do want to hear from you.  You can also catch us on Twitter and Google +. 

We also have some fun ideas planned for the social media sites once we are up and rolling with an more expanded community but I think we'll keep those under wraps for now.

Give us your thoughts and ideas and be a part of Hotwire Networks growth and expansion by sharing our posts on your own pages and feeds.

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