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It happens to everyone at some point.  You turn on your computer, sit down ready to get to work, look up at the screen and EEEEKKKK!  NO INTERNET CONNECTION! The HORROR of it all!   First, take a deep breath then go through these basic, simple steps to try and solve the problem.

Simple and Easy Fixes to Basic Computer Problems


Take a deep breath and turn your computer off.  Then take another deep breath and turn it back on again.  Rebooting your computer can solve many technical glitches including no internet connection.  If your computer is on but not responding in any way, hold the Power button until the system shuts down.  This will safely turn off the computer.  You can also use the Shut Down command.


Check every single cord and cable connected to your computer. Pull them out and plug them back in.  Check everything all the way from the computer to the wall.  Then reboot and see if that resolved the problem.  Sometimes it is that simple, a loose cord or a power strip/surge protector that got turned off.


Is your monitor on? Guaranteed every tech support person that ever existed has had at least one call where the computer wasn't working and the problem was simply that someone had turned the monitor off.


Sort of like when you lose your car keys and try and think back to when you last had them in your hand.  Think about your computer system.  Is this a new problem?  Did it start before this moment?  When did it start?  Have you recently installed any new programs or make a hardware change? What have you downloaded recently?  Take the time to think it through and eliminate or narrow down what may have triggered the change.  This will help you figure out what to do next.


Wax On, Wax Off, Turn On, Turn Off...turn off anything connected to your computer, routers, printers, external drives etc and turn it back on again.  If that doesn't work, do it one at a time, turn it all off, including your computer, turn one thing on, then the computer and see if that resolved the internet connection.  Start with your router if you have one.


When did you last install updates on your computer? Updating your hardware drivers, operating systems and programs may solve your problem.


If you are getting a specific internet connection error message, Google it.  It is very possible that some other user out there in the world has had a similar or exact same problem and has written about it.  Make your search specific, reference the program name and operating system or error message or error code.  Looking at the search results, save yourself some time and read the tech forums first.

Take another deep breath and hopefully it was a simple problem and you've solved it yourself.

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  • Shannon

    I am so bad at updating my computer. It causes me lots of problems. Great reminder.

    November 03, 2015 at 03:03 am

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