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It happens to everyone at some point.  You turn on your computer, sit down ready to get to work, look up at the screen and EEEEKKKK!  NO INTERNET CONNECTION! The HORROR of it all!   First, take a deep breath then go through these basic, simple steps to try and solve the problem. Simple and Easy Fixes to Basic [...]


Everyone wants images on their website and/or blog.  The right image can do visual wonders  and be a powerful means to communicate your message.  The right image, done the wrong way will have a negative impact on your website, slowing down loading times and causing visual overload for the visitor. Making an image web [...]

About Your About Us

Give some thought to your About Us page.  About Us pages should add a human quality, putting a face with the words. About Us pages should be more about who you are verses what you are. Are you just talking at your visitor or is your About Us page working to connect with them on a new level.  If you are just talking at your [...]

Veteran's Day 2015

Hotwire Networks wants to say thank you to all the veterans of all wars. We honor you, we respect you and we thank you . This  Veterans Day , please take a moment to honor any and all US Veterans and victims of all wars.  Many countries take two minutes of silence at 11 AM on November 11th to honor their [...]



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