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About Your About Us

About Your About Us

Give some thought to your About Us page.  About Us pages should add a human quality, putting a face with the words. About Us pages should be more about who you are verses what you are. Are you just talking at your visitor or is your About Us page working to connect with them on a new level.  If you are just talking at your customer and telling them about your business and a list of services you offer you are not engaging the reader.  Information about your business and services is important but this should not be the only focus of your About Us page.

Write With Emotion

Get your customer excited about your business and what you have to offer  by conveying feeling and emotions.  Visitors are more likely to take action when they feel you understand their needs.

Solve The Problem

Does your About Us page make your visitors feel as if you are inside their heads, understanding their issues and offering an ideal solution? Show the reader that you can solve problems and show them how you've done it in the past.

Is it All About You, All the Time

Make your visitors want to keep reading and exploring your web site.  Don't make it all about you all the time. Your About Us page should involve the reader and let them know why they should stay. Addressing the readers needs quickly and efficiently will keep them engaged and interested. What about you, your business, your company, benefits them? 

Relate But Don't Brag

Don't brag!  Nobody likes a bragger no matter how successful you or your business, bragging is a turn off. Talk about your successes as part of a bigger story.  Talking about less successful endeavors or accomplishments will also draw in and engage the visitor.

What Next? Call To Action

What do you want the reader to do next.  Here they are, reading your About Us page, but what next?  What is your call to action? Every About Us page should include a way to keep the conversation going between you and the reader. Signing up for a mailing list or subscription for example.

Cohesion and Tone

Take a critical look at your About Us page in relation to the rest of your web site.  Is it cohesive across the entire website.  Not sure, ask someone else, get a second opinion, have friends, family and business associates review your About Us page and give some thought to their observations and comments.  Is it just plain boring?  Does it show your companies personality?

Make Changes

About Us pages don't have to be static.  Check your analytics, make changes, tweak things, add photos, change photos and keep checking your analytics.  How are your changes impacting your traffic, visit duration and bounce rate.

Get real, get human, share who you are and work hard to connect with every visitor. Rethink, Revise, Rewrite and your conversion rate should increase.


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